I’m Lola Mulé, Dolors Manrubia’s alter ego. I am a physicist, artist and digital designer.

As an artist and designer I create my own collections than you can find in the shop, exhibit in galleries, work with architects and fashion designers, and paint on commission.

As Physics I am fascinated by quantum physics related to the mind and emotions.

Applying the principles of quantum physics to artistic creation has been what has really helped me succeed in my profession.

There are scientific experiments that indicate that we are all connected to an energy field, a field of opportunities, and that all our purposes and desires already exist in this field, and are available to us. The way to access this field is through our mind and our heart.

My purpose is to help people to be happier by bringing all my knowledge of quantum physics applied to the mind and emotions. And the most powerful and simplest tool to impact and harmonize the brain and heart is through images, words, designs designs on accessories, and visual tools.

I wish with all my heart to share with you everything I know that works and supports science to make a world where we are all happier.