“Just look an feel the colors. This is what is my art”

People say about me that I create images attract attention:

“White and black, or neutral tones are my favourite, but your colors … I like them, … they are so special, they transmit a lot.” They are words I hear often.

I am a Physicist and I have been a entrepreneur. But art and design excited me. So, in 2007 I left it all to get the dream of being an “image creator”. This meant getting in a swampy terrain, in which there have been successes and failures. But here I am and now I am sure to be where I want to be!

To become an artist and designer, I had to learn a new language. But I was lucky, my  professional background let to be methodical, organized and disciplined.

Challenges are my motivation, I’m passionate about color and I consider myself a compulsive creative with a unique and personal language.  My constantly research is to create a positive impact to collectors, companies, public locations, through design, illustration, photo collage, …

Expressing myself with images and  being able to transmit through them is a gift for me. My dream is a world where we are surrounded by powerful images that transmit positive messages and make us smile.

Dolors Manrubia Images creative

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