Creating art is an attitude

I  Create and design in Barcelona, a Mediterranean city and an unlimited source of inspiration.

Art is my way of expressing.  To make art without limits honestly and sincerely.

The goal of my art is to establish a dialogue between color and shape. Nature is beauty in its purest form and is my source of inspiration. My art is an abstraction of nature, flows with it. My desire is to communicate through color the same positive emotions I feel  when I look at the sea, mountains or flowers.

Each series I create is a project that is built from a concept. Canvas,  paper, fabrics are the supports where each project takes form.

Here you will find my paintings, digital art, designs, clothing accessories, T-shirts …. and I would like to get that my art mean something to you.

Silk works and T-shirts are available in the online store.

In the portfolio you can see part of my works and projects

Do not hesitate to contact me about the products in the store, about orders or collaborations, or simply to share opinions about art and inspiration.

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