“Between time & Space”. Antoni Pinyol Gallery.

Antoni Pinyol Gallery exhibition. Project of digital art “Between Time and Space


The gallery Antoni Pinyol in Reus curated the digital art project “Between time and space”.

“We slipped through time and we flow in space. All of us are everything and we are nothing. We are free but we are limited to the extent of the universe. Sometimes guides us the reason and another times we are more intuitive. In the artwork of the exhibition project “Between Time and Space” coexist organic and fluid forms that suggest life and freedom and geometric  forms as a symbol of the universe we inhabit, of reason and of our limitations within it . Time, the fourth dimension where everything happens, are continuous or truncated patterns. These patterns are always present, reminding us that everything moves inexorably.”

Like Kandinsky, Mondrian, Klee, Soulages, Rothko, Newman, … found in abstraction the way to express their spiritual and personal values, the works of “Between Time and Space” seek harmony between all the formal elements of the work with compositions and vibrant colors really personal, which transmit a particular view, an intuition of what is the relationship between I and the universe.

Antoni Pinyol Gallery

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