Video mapping “The All is One”


Video mapping project “The All is One” for projection at events and conferences dealing with quantum physics and spirituality


The objective of the video mapping “The all is one” is to relate the principles of quantum physics with ancient mysticism.The plot line seeks the connection between science and spirituality.

The video mapping has been designed based on an introduction, three different scenes where each one expresses one of the quantum-philosophical principles, and an ending. Each scene travels from the infinitely small, where the principles of quantum physics prevail, to real world. A dialogue is thus established between the world of the atom and scenes from nature where everything is recognizable.

The scenes of the introduction and the end with the symbols of the Uroboros and the Phoenix Bird convey the message of infinite evolution. These symbolic resources impact viewers and urges them to immerse themselves in an emotional state ideal for personal transformation.

The projection surface is a modular and transportable white circle made of a rigid but lightweight material. A Circle closes on itself, and therefore represents unity, absoluteness and perfection. It is complete in itself and has no beginning or end.

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