Silk Scarf Montse

175.00 95.00

Blue and garnet

  • Twill silk foulard 14 mm
  • 140 x 65 cm / 55 x 24 “
  • Overlock finish, closed machine

If you wonder if the name of each scarf has some meaning the answer is not always, but sometimes yes. So this is the case of Montse scarf design. In the “Flora” project of digital paintings one of the pictorial challenges is to create the effect of sunlight seep through the foliage. Moreover I love creating a combination of unreal colors in order to enforce the harmony of the design. The result is an evocative, dream-like painting.

You can see in the portfolio that I made this design like a painting sometime ago. When I started designing silk scarves, Montse, who is enthusiastic about this design, suggested me that it could be a great idea to print it on silk. It  was not an easy task to adapt the design but I think it was worth to do it.

In this model I have adapted the design in two sizes, the classic square 90 x 90 cm. and scarf, shawl 65 x 140 cm.


Additional information about the scarf

Each scarf is signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity too.

In addition, all scarves of my collection are presented in a personalized wrapper, along with a small original artwork, a watercolor, painted on paper of 300 g/sm. In addition I have written some small words and signed as well. If you decide to buy it, whether it is for you or to give as gift this is an artwork, a painting, selected with great care and dedication. I specially try to offer the best of my art.

This fashion accessory can be both scarf and shawl. It is bent over and the ends are sewn from the edge to create a small sleeve 22cm (Stole bolero).

Preserve  the beauty of your silk:

Hand wash, soft iron.

Be care that your jewellery and accessories do not rub against it and risk snagging the threads.


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